CorrectCoder FAQ

Is CorrectCoder.Com for Edits easy-to-use?

Yes. There is one main screen with large function (i.e. Print, search for CPT/HCPCS code) buttons.

Does CorrectCoder.Com for Edits come with FREE tech support?

Yes. Technical support is free.

Is there a FREE Demo? Is there help installing the demo?

Yes, Go to our demo page.

How/when is CorrectCoder updated?


Are all CPT & HCPCS codes included?

Yes, CorrectCoder includes all CPT and HCPCS codes that are included in the NCCI. There are over 10,000 HCPCS codes (CPT and HCPCS Level II) and over 2.5 million Practioner PTP (Procedure to Procedure) Edits including medically unlikely edits (MUE).

Can I validate a list of codes?

Yes, in addition to browsing all CPT/HCPCS codes on the main screen in numeric order, you can build and maintain lists of codes for validating more than one code at a time. Very useful when validating a CMS 1500 claim.

Does CorectCoder have an option for displaying just comprehensive, component or mutually exclusive edits?

Yes, you can display and browse “Edits” by viewing all 3 categories of “Edits” or by any of the three individual categories of “Edits”. 

What is a “Look Up” code?

 CorrectCoder simplifies the NCCI by allowing the user to see and browse all “Edits” with respect to a single “Look Up” code.? This method eliminates the need to search different tables for each of the 3 categories of Edits.

What is an Edit?

An Edit is a pair of codes that cannot be billed by the same physician on the same day with the same patient.

What is the difference between CorrectCoder for Edits and

CorrectCoder for Edits is a PC/Windows based application and is a web based application that runs from any computer with Internet access.